Dr. Sohail Venus – Fillings and Restoration

Dr. Sohail Venus – Fillings and Restoration

Your teeth are prone to cavities, and they sometimes occur regardless of how well you

treat your teeth. Fillings can be ugly and have a tendency to wear down and crack over

time, but the advanced techniques performed by Dr. Sohail Venus are designed to prevent

breakage and blend in with your natural tooth color, allowing you to receive the treatment

you need while maintaining a beautiful smile.

Most traditional fillings are made from mercury and silver. In addition to accounting for

an ugly gray blotch you’ll see every time you open your mouth, silver fillings can also

leak and stain your teeth. Not only are silver fillings an eyesore, they will likely wear

down and may eventually break, allowing for the formation of new cavities. Imagine

going through all that dental work, only to have to get the procedure redone? Luckily,

the progressive technology employed by Dr. Venus has made silver fillings a thing of the


Dr. Venus, using the latest innovations in dental care, treats broken down fillings with

porcelain inlays and tooth-colored restoration. These fillings provide a more natural and

tight fit, strengthening the tooth while restoring its original shape. Better yet, they are

designed to blend in naturally with your tooth and are hardly noticeable, even upon close


The benefits of Dr. Venus’s methods resonate all the way to your gums. His tooth-

colored restorations use resin that contains fluoride. Preventing decay and providing a

natural feel, resin is better for your gums. Not only will you look better, but you will feel

better knowing that Dr. Venus’s techniques will prevent recurring problems.

Why bother with dentists who use archaic methods and shoddy practices when you

can receive all the advantages the latest dental technology has to offer by making an

appointment with Dr. Venus. Located in Victoria, British Columbia and serving the needs

of patients for over five years, Dr. Venus and his professional staff at Acucentre will

accommodate each and every one of your tooth restoration needs. After a visit at his well-

equipped office, the only thing you’ll be asking yourself is why you didn’t go sooner.

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